Assessment allows to review the current performance status of an organisation against certain standards. We use in depth analysis of current policies, procedures, and practices related to sustainability standards. We may look at previous Audit reports, internal assessments, Corrective action plans, current systems along with staff feedback to create a map against our checklist to develop a tailored model exclusive for your organization. These assessments will help targeting your resources on the areas of improvements and reduce your cost.

Our key assessment programs are listed below,

Supply chain Assessment

With the introduction of Modern slavery and Social Value Act it is becoming important for public and private sectors across Europe to have transparent supply chains. With our expertise we can support organisations to map their supply chain and implement a due diligence framework. With our global footprints we can communicate through your supply chain in local context. We have robust tools to automate your communication with your suppliers regardless of their geographical location. This include supply chain mapping, supply chain risk hunting and mapping of legislative framework. This will enable companies to be vigilant towards supply chain disruptions.

SIA- Social Impact Assessment

We provide in-depth analysis on the principles of social accountability. We are fully equipped to deliver 360-degree social impact assessment for your business to identify gaps in social conduct and highlight the areas of improvement. The Social impact assessment will enable us to measure, analyze and monitor the consequence of activities on social standards. The assessment will highlight any issues related to labour standards that may pose a threat to the business. This analytical outcome will identify any social risks and nonadherence to technical and regulatory framework that may cause disruption in your business processes.

EIA – Environmental impact assessment

EIA is a requirement for many Social Audits including Sedex and many Code of conduct from brands.  Our team have expert knowledge of energy, water, environmental, socioeconomic and policy parameters. We can carry out EIA and help developing environmental policy. Our services can help to fulfill the requirements of legislations and international agreements, guidelines and protocols, which form the basis of producing effective environmental assessment reports.