Competitive edge

We have academics, strategic thinkers, senior leaders, certified trainers and assessors from various industries to provide professional and seamless service. Our strong networks with leading institutes enable us to understand the National and International drivers for Ethical Compliance and Social Accountability. Our Solutions are geared towards helping businesses achieve their full potential.


Our consultants have deep, professional insight into compliance and technical affairs which enables them to implement sustainability programmes.


We value your time and understand the pressures to meet deadlines on statutory compliance. Our dedicated team proactively assign your queries to the relevant teams to complete your project within agreed timelines.


We not only provide training and consultancy programmes, but  also help in delivering tools and frameworks to support the technical portfolio to reach requisite compliance.

Bespoke Solutions:

Our team is fully equipped to carry out full need assessment relevant to your business and focus on areas of improvement.


We empower our clients with technical knowledge by providing them access to our resource portal, one-to-one coaching and running pre-assessment sessions, as and when required with mutual consent.