We deliver bespoke programmes for our clients and have Subject experts to help organisations embrace challenges and accept the Only Permanence i.e. the Change with positive attitude. We support businesses to embed best practices in response to the issues around compliance and regulatory affairs.


We specialise in

 Labour Standard Assurance System ( LSAS)

We provide complete solution for implementing LSAS. LSAS is one of the main requirements to be on many public and private frameworks in UK, EU and rest of the world. Most of the businesses have various supply chain partners across the globe and each country varies in local labour standards, legislation and social structure. To address this challenge we provide Full LSAS IMPLEMENTATION programme. This includes technical file preparation, establish documents, provide training, and arranging pre-audits. With our expertise and professional experience our Clients can have a One-Window solution from GSUK to achieve LSAS compliance.



Social Accountability

The SA8000 Standard is a tool for implementing international labour standards to protect workers along each step of the supply chain. We provide consultancy and prepare companies to achieve this standard or equivalent standards. We can also arrange SMETA, SA8000 or BSCI certification and training programme internationally


Ethical Trade

We help our clients to establish ethical trade standards. We identify the due diligence and best practices and help our clients to adopt these standards. Because of our international presence we are aware of ethical issues and practices around the world.  We equip our clients with ethical conduct framework, ensuring the business is fully prepared to comply with required standards.


Regulatory certifications

We have a specialised team to support businesses to acquire registration with regulatory bodies like MHRA. Our other services including CE registration for your business, Country of Origin certificate, Notray public endorsements, arranging UK and EU Authorised representative and preparing technical files for all these services.

Other Solutions

We provide Consultancy for:

Working conditions including welfare, health and safety, and environmental concerns

Equal opportunities, discrimination and workplace disciplinary practices

Consultative processes to ensure continual improvement

Preparation of social and ethical accountability reports, CSR reports, Case Studies, RCA, Risk Management, Performance Management tool and supply chain analysis

Identifying training and education programmes

Audit, Business reviews and pre-audits

Strategic advice and support on specific social and ethical risk management issues

Aligning your business with standards and guidelines such as the Ethical Trading Initiative, SA 8000 Certification, and Investment in People