GSUK actively worked with many Public and private organisations in the UK contributing actively to ensure sustainability standards are met. With great passion, the team supported many businesses in UK and Europe including but limited to P and R Ltd, Work in Style Ltd, Accrington Surgical Ltd, Richardson Healthcare, Halyard Health, Leicester City Council, and Mathys Medical.

GSUK has established and implemented social Sustainability frameworks to ensure adherence to labour standards, environmental standards, and modern slavery across global supply chains. Our team has enabled our clients not only to meet their compliance but to evolve into responsible businesses and ensure sustainability in their cross-geographic supply chains. This helped them to sustain public procurement contracts worth millions, minimising any noncompliance risks and reducing the chance of disruption in the supply chains.

Our services delivered key outcomes including supply chain mapping, risk identification, creating a sustainable supply chain management system, benchmarking performance on environmental ethical, and social standards, impact assessments, and social interventions. Our experts also supported delivering on the legislative framework at the multi-stakeholder level, providing training and capacity building and ensuring improvements. We empowered businesses to successfully perform on their NHS cabinet office returns, improve their business profile, and contribute to a sustainable economy.