GSUK supported Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) to deliver a Value Chain Analysis for the Implementation of Labour standards in the Surgical Manufacturing Industry in Sialkot- Pakistan. The project involved identifying the social sustainability standards and labour practices in surgical manufacturing. GSUK experts conducted field visits, interviewing factory owners and homeworkers, local associations, NGOs and communities. The project involved identifying the root cause for the social abuse, social impact assessment, benchmarking practices against international markers, investigating and mapping legislative framework as per local and international statutory drivers, and current working standards in the industry.

The study explored the Working conditions of vendors working in small workshops and home-based industries. It also looked at forced labour and other components including environmental impacts. It was also explored how international drivers impact on such conditions and what role they can play to improve. This project was a breakthrough in establishing dialogue of fair pricing for manufacturers and fair wages and working conditions for thousands of makers in Sialkot surgical industry.