GSUK expert team delivered a project with EFP allocated by ILO to improve the ethical practices in the cotton supply chain. The main thrust of the project was to carry out a social impact assessment of current practices and help to develop the cotton communities in the Sindh and Punjab regions. Our team worked diligently with farmers, ginning, and spinning mills to run a social dialogue to implement ILO fundamental principles.

ILO Fundamental principles of rights at work (FPRW) was the key focus to identifying current gaps and developing a comprehensive program implementing FPRW in whole of the textile supply chain. The project deliverables included primary research, evaluation, and analysis of sustainability factors, social and labour abuses, and other areas of non-adherence to regulations. These findings were shared with stakeholders and there was a validation workshop highlighting key recommendations. As a result, a cross-provincial cotton community development program was delivered, offering upskilling of farmers, and workers, increasing awareness on child education and remediation for child labour, formalising working conditions, and providing awareness on basic rights for improving the livelihoods of thousands of families.