GSUK was engaged by Yangtze Three Gorges Technology and Economy Development Company (TGDC) in June 2021 to facilitate and ensure the implementation of IFC Performance Standards (PS) related to Labour and social compliance at the 720 MW Hydropower project. The project was part of the CPEC agreement, employing 6000 people aimed at developing state-of-the-art infrastructure. With the multistakeholder engagement, IFC was among the key lenders with the requirement of implementation against their performance standards.

GSUK was allocated a role as an advisor and further on as an implementation partner to ensure all IFC performance standards are fully embedded across the project. The main impetus from GSUK was not only to identify areas of improvement but to integrate into local teams, apply social dialogue ensuring all standards are met successfully.

Our team actively led to establish best practices by active interventions encompassing improved policy framework, robust systems, multi-lingual communication channels, and capacity-building. The key domains of work resulted in significant improvements in working conditions, social dialogue, facilitation of unionisation, the culture of social sustainability, and HSE implementation. The project was an imminent breakthrough to ensure sustainability measures are delivered at all stages. Our deliverables were acknowledged across the board including monitoring body. Few other achievements include implementation of tailored HR software, monitoring and assessment systems, subcontractor management strategy, providing HSE and ES tools and advice, EGS baseline report, sustainability improvement report, and training of over 2000 workforce on Social, HR, and HSE disciplines. GSUK team played a crucial role in supporting TGDC and KPCL to deliver on a positive culture of transparency and accountability as well as prioritising social sustainability in the organization.