GSUK stands as a paragon of excellence in social compliance, underscored by our extensive expertise in environmental sustainability and ESG practices. With a distinguished history of service, our team, composed of academics, strategic thinkers, senior leaders, certified trainers, and assessors, excels in delivering tailored social compliance programs aligned with ETI, ILO, and UN Global Compact principles. Our well-established networks with leading institutes afford us a deep understanding of both national and international drivers for ethical compliance and social accountability. This strategic positioning allows us to provide clients with globally recognized solutions, ensuring they not only meet but exceed social compliance expectations. Our pragmatic approach and applied methods of capacity building empower businesses to operate at their optimum level, seamlessly integrating ethical considerations into their operations. 

Beyond social compliance, GSUK places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and ESG practices, offering holistic solutions that align with evolving stakeholder expectations. By choosing GSUK, you partner with a team dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of social compliance, environmental sustainability, and ESG, positioning your business for success in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable future.

Competitive Edge

Expertise: Our consultants have deep, professional insight into compliance and technical affairs which enables them to implement sustainability programmes. We provide two-way support – We work with brands to embed compliance in supply chains and enable suppliers to meet the buyers’ requirements.

Accessibility: We value your time and understand the pressures to meet deadlines on statutory compliance. Our dedicated team proactively work with you to complete your project within agreed timelines.

Bespoke Solutions: Our team is fully equipped to carry out full need assessment relevant to your business and focus on areas of improvement. Our services are adaptable to a range of industries delivering tools and frameworks to achieve requisite compliance.

Empowerment: We empower our clients with training and education by providing them access to our resource portal, one-to-one coaching and running pre-assessment sessions. We offer measurable, impactful programs and profile positive measures taken by our clients at International forums.

Global Sustainability UK (GSUK) is an organisation thriving on core values of passion, impact and positivity. At GSUK our clients are our partners and we empower them to achieve sustainable solutions for their organisations. The rapidly changing landscape require businesses to deliver on a model that offers minimal ecological and social costs. All our services are driven through strong alliances with our stakeholders and enable them for a smooth transition into circular economy.

“ We believe in Inclusivity, Equality and Transparency.”

Our unique custom programs enable businesses and brands to instill sustainability across their supply chains. Our signature sustainable supply chain program can help any industry struggling to minimize supply chain disruptions and achieve visibility. Our services mainly focus on Due Diligence, Social Accountability, Ethical sourcing, Capacity Building, Regulatory Compliance and Social Dialogue.

Our services are offered to a wide range of businesses including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers operating in Private, Public and Voluntary sectors. We acknowledge that the businesses today are expected to be responsible and operate with highest ethical standards to survive. We enable the businesses to deliver on sustainability initiatives, through our robust training, implementation, compliance evaluation and verification services. Our value-added services and bespoke solutions are delivered by our subject experts throughout the world to support businesses. Having a variety of diverse professional expertise is one of our unique features that enable us to analyse and dissect a problem to provide a holistic solution. We provide management frameworks and technical tools to simplify the challenges faced by global industry today.

Strategic Advisors

Andrew Wallis
Andrew Wallis
Speaker, thought leader, strategist and policy maker
Founder Unseen
Founder and CEO- Unseen, Fellow Centre of Social Justice and RSA. He chaired the landmark Centre for Social Justice report ‘It Happens Here’...
Saquib Ejaz Hussien
Saquib Ejaz Hussien
Environmental & Social Safeguards Specialist
CEO – Environmental health Services ( EHS)
Saquib Ejaz Hussain is an Environmental & Social Safeguards Specialist who has practiced environmental planning, assessment and compliance for...
Dr Neslyn Druee
Dr Neslyn Druee
Professional Executive Coach, International speaker Leadership and Social sustainability
CEO Beacon organisational development
CEO Beacon organisational development is a Prof. Executive Coach from last 29 years serving CEOs, Directors and Aspiring Directors to be their...
Dr Bonnie Nixon
Dr Bonnie Nixon
Sustainable Supply Chain Strategist, Environmental Entrepreneur, Educator, Materials Innovator & Human Rights Advocate
Supply Chain Sustainability, Speaker, Coach, Teacher, Researcher, Environmental and Human Rights Expert with PhD in Global Leadership and Change...
Karamat Ali
Karamat Ali
Labour Social Development Expert
Founder PILER
Karamat Ali, a founder member and currently Executive Director, Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER), is a veteran trade...
Victor Thorpe
Victor Thorpe
Social Sustainability export
MD - Just Solutions
Vic Thorpe is the Founder and Managing Director of the Just Solutions global network since 2000. He is an acknowledged international specialist...

Our Vision

To be a lead forum and patrons for delivering sustainability and CSR Agenda.


What our customers are saying about us.

It is a great pleasure to work with GSUK professionals. They always respond quickly, conduct audits skilfully and diligently.  Their good quality reports are always delivered on time. Looking forward to work with GSUK and use their expertise in future.

TUV Rheinland UK Ltd.Bartosz Wisniewski - International Business Development Manager

GSUK service is going beyond our expectations. They have proven us to be a reliable and resourceful partner, even when accommodating our last-minute audit inquiry.

QIMA- your eyes in supply chain Ludovic Füssen - Deputy Audit Services Manger

International Associates Limited has audited and certified clients that have worked with GSUK in developing their systems and implementation, we have found their services professional and effective in helping clients gain certification.

International Associates LimitedMartin Coles - Operations Director