Training Services


Our comprehensive training programme is aimed to empower individuals to acknowledge their strengths and feel valued. We deliver our modules using the latest training techniques based on some of the internationally recognized programmes. Our training staff is highly qualified and meets the international criteria for delivering training in various parts of the world.

Our training programme offers one-to-one sessions, workshops, Train-The-Trainer and master classes. All our programmes are developed in collaboration with our clients to ensure the content and methodology suites their training needs.

Few of our popular training programmes are:



 (Labour standards assurance system Level 1-4)


(Occupational safety and Health)

Slavery ACT and Human Trafficking

Forced Labour

Child Labour

Environmental Standards

Ethical Trade

Understanding Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Whistle blowing

Analysing Risk

(in Supply Chain and Conducting Supply Chain Audit)

Social Accountability

Understanding Barriers of Implementing Standards

Quality, Ethics and Productivity

Organizational Development

Leadership Development

Technical Skills Development

Empowering Employees

Ethical Standards and Best Practices

Audit and Reviews Training

Incident Management

Risk Analysis and Management

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Effective Communication

Regulatory Compliance

Time Management

Strategic Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Change Management

Specialized Course as per Clients Needs